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Daily Manna - You Can't Do It, Only God Can

The most important message in this day is the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It is also the most difficult for many Christians to receive, because they think they’re already experiencing His Lordship. For example, some years ago I received a phone call from a lady who lived in another city about a hundred miles away. She said that the word “kingdom” kept coming to her mind, sometimes even at night in her dreams. She said that although she had been a Christian for many years she knew very little about the Kingdom of God, and would I come help her to understand. I took an elder with me, and we met her and some of her friends a few days later. We spent several hours ministering to them from the Scriptures concerning the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. Before leaving I gave her several study manuals concerning the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. The next time I saw her I asked if she had studied the manuals. Her response was, “I looked at them, but I already knew what they were about, so I gave them to my twelve year old daughter.”  ...more


We are interested in the mysteries spoken of in the Word of God. They are the truths and Kingdom concepts hidden in the Scriptures. The Greek word for "mystery" is mysterion; it means "a thing hidden, a religious secret, or that which is not obvious to the understanding." It occurs 22 times in the King James Bible. We will not look at every passage of Scripture where it is found, but we will examine enough to sharpen our desires for the Word of God.

God's Word is not laid bare for just anyone. His Word is for those who are hungering after Him, and it is the hunger for Him that will begin uncovering the veil over the Word of God.

We will begin with a portion of Scripture in John chapter seven. Here we will see Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles in the midst of a multitude, yet hidden. As such, He is an example of a mystery.

BOOKS FROM OHM - Lord, what are You doing?   New!     

It is true that God is doing many things in this day, but what is His primary concern? What is the one thing He is most interested in accomplishing? We are living in a time when it is very important for us to be alert spiritually. We must understand that what God is doing now is not a revival. He is not interested in reviving the old; it is passing away. He is bringing forth a new heaven and a new earth, establishing a new and greater relationship with His people.

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