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For this message we’re going to Peter’s second epistle. We are going to look at two portions of Scripture, one in the first chapter of II Peter and the other the first chapter of the Book of Revelation. I planned to only take about two verses of I Peter, but after looking at it and we may have to cover a little more than two verses.

One difficult thing for Christians to do is really to have a spiritual understanding of the Word and to really love it. I’ve heard people complain about the Old Testament; they say it’s just history and they just don’t get much out of it. The history gets boring. Well, when all you see is the history it can be boring. You can say the same thing for the New Testament, if you only see the history of the Early Church. We want to see a bit more than that because the Old Testament and the New Testament have the same basic message. ...more


We are interested in the mysteries spoken of in the Word of God. They are the truths and Kingdom concepts hidden in the Scriptures. The Greek word for "mystery" is mysterion; it means "a thing hidden, a religious secret, or that which is not obvious to the understanding." It occurs 22 times in the King James Bible. We will not look at every passage of Scripture where it is found, but we will examine enough to sharpen our desires for the Word of God.

God's Word is not laid bare for just anyone. His Word is for those who are hungering after Him, and it is the hunger for Him that will begin uncovering the veil over the Word of God.

We will begin with a portion of Scripture in John chapter seven. Here we will see Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles in the midst of a multitude, yet hidden. As such, He is an example of a mystery.

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