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    A Blessing and a Curse

    A Certain Place     

    A Change of Mind

    A Day Burning as an Oven
    A Day of Revelation and Deception

    A Famine in the Land      

    A Faithful Servant

    A Few Short Ones

    A Freewill Offering  

    A Journey Through Proverbs

    A Living Word   

    A Lot Further to Go

    A Mansion for the Lord  

    A Message to Bethany 

    A Mystery in Old Testament History

    A Revelation of Sonship

    A Singular-Plural *A Plural-Singular   

    A Sower Went Out to Sow

    A Time of War   

    A Walk with God     

    A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On    

    A Willing Heart

    Abiding in the Lord  
    Abram's Call 

    Accepted in the Beloved

    According to the Time of Life   

    Acts of Jesus   

    Advancement in Redemption  
    Adversaries: Without and Within

    Afar Off?   

    After these things ...

    After the Death of Moses    

    All That He Is    
    All the Vessels of Gold and Silver Restored

    An Age-Old Problem

    Another Gospel

    Appropriate ... How?   
    Are You Aware of the New?
    Arise! Go Over This Jordan

    Arise, O Lord

    As a Thief in the Night   
    Ashes From the Furnace
    As He Had Spoken  
    As I Was Meditating...

    Be a Feeder

    Be a Path of Him   

    Be Ye Perfect  
    Becoming a New Tree  
    Becoming the Wine of the Kingdom    
    Before the People I Will Be Honored   
    Behold, He Makes All Things New    
    Believe That He Is

    Believe in His Covenant   
    Be Strong in the Lord   
    Be the Lord in My Life
    Be Wise as Serpents

    Be Ye Doers of the Word    
    Beyond the Information

    Bible Basics    

    Blowing a Trumpet  
    Both Lord and Christ

    "Boy, didn't we shake that bridge!"  
    Branches and Leaves But No Fruit

    Breaking Camp   
    "Bring Change, Lord!"  

    Broad Way or Strait Gate?    

    Brother Shall Deliver Up Brother 
    Build Him A Sanctuary

    Built for a Habitation of God    



    Cain and Abel 
    Called by a New Name

    Called for a Purpose #1 
    Called for a Purpose #2
    Came Into Being   

    Came the Word of the Lord    

    Channels, Not Vessels   

    Children of the Day

    Chop It to Pieces!

    Christ: God With Us   
    Christ Has Made Us Free!

    Coming Out of Your Corinth   


    Continual Increase
    Continual Progress in Deuteronomy 6:1-8   
    Continuing in the Word 

    Count it as Dung!
    Count the Cost
    Created by a Word


    Day by Day

    Days of Visitation
    Death, Burial, and Resurrection
    Declare Yourself as Having Been Born   
    Decree His Will
    Delight in the Word
    Depart! Ye Workers of Iniquity
    Determined to Be
    Determined to be Led by the Spirit

    Did You Know...?
    Different Levels of Spiritual Growth  

    Disciple Ye the Nations

    Disciples and Servants   
    Discipleship Makes Him Lord
    Disciplined Flesh is Unacceptable
    Discussing a Few Scriptures

    Divine Life Must Be Appropriated
    Divine Order for Church Ministry
    Divine Order the Home  

    Do Not Neglect Your Grant!
    Don't Believe the Midianite
    Don't Leave Until You Receive
    Do You Have a Revelation of the Lord?  

    Dry Before Fruitfulness   



    Early in the Morning
    "Eat What I Give You"
    Empty Words
    Enlightened to See the Hope
    Enter His Presence
    Entering Through the Door Into the Sheepfold
    Esau and Jacob: Two Nations  

    Established by God
    Every Knee Shall Bow 

    Executing the Victory of Christ

    Experiencing Christ   

    Experiencing Revelation
    Expressing His Lordship



    Faith is ... Christ

    Faith that Believes He Is  
    Faithful to the Word

    False and True  

    Fear not, O Land   
    Feed His Sheep Life

    Feed the Church  
    Finding the Pearl of Great Price
    Find Yourself in the Scriptures 
    First Love
    First the Fleece, and Then the Earth    

    First, the Inward Nations

    Fisherman-Apostle-Write of Mysteries   
    For the Obedience of Faith
    Freedom of Religion
    From "By" to "In
    From Discipleship to Discipleship

    From John's Gospel   
    From Man-Nature to New Birth to Continual Expansion
    From One Domain to Another
    From Revelation to Commission
    From Revelation to Reality: Spoken and Performed
    From Soul to Spirit
    From the Mount to the Tabernacle
    From the Seen to the Unseen
    From Treasure to Treasure
    Free Flowing Myrrh
    Fulfill All Righteousness



    Get Out of That Bed and Wash Those Pots and Pans
    Give Ear to His Word
    Give Light
    God Creates Man in His Image
    God Has Made Jesus Both Lord and Christ
    God Has Provided Great Things
    God Has Provided a Written and Spoken Word
    God is Omnipresent
    God is Spirit
    God's Purpose for the Body of Christ
    God's Secret
    God Will Sow
    God With Us
    God Works His Will Through Divine Order
    Go Ye
    Grace for the Ungodly



    Habakkuk's Tower
    Hands and Prophecy
    Has He Run Off Your Pigs?
    Have You Been There, Too?
    Hear and Drink

    Hear, O Heavens, and Give Ear, O Earth  
    Hearing the Mystery of Christ
    Heaven on Earth: A Walk with God

    Hebrews Chapter One: An Exposition     
    He Comes as the Morning
    He Himself Taught
    He Is Coming Again into His Temple
    He is Our All in All
    He is Spirit
    He Made the Worlds
    He Shall Save His People from Their Sins
    He Speaks to Disciples
    He That Descended also Ascended
    His Coming and Power Made Known
    His Life Shall Flow
    His Voice Walks in the Cool of the Day
    His Winking Will Come to an End
    Holy Things and Pearls

    House or Tabernacle?   

    How Change Takes Place   
    How Shall We Know the Word?
    How the Leaven is Removed
    How to Turn on God's Love-Faucet

    How to Understand the Scriptures    
    Hyssop Our Hearts, Lord!



    I Am Come Down to Bring Them Up
    I Go Away and Come Again to You

    I Lift Up Mine Eyes  

    I will not be negligent...  
    Idolatry: Religion Without Love
    If God Permit
    If Ignorance is Bliss...
    Immanuel: Born of the Virgin
    Incline Your Ear
    In Corinth
    In His Name
    In the Beginning God Created

    In the Eighth Month   New

    In the Presence of the Lord   New
    In Us and Through Us Prayer
    In You
    Is Your Light Under a Bushel?

    It Comes Down Through the Vine   New

    It is a Glorious Calling   New     
    It is Already Provided
    It's Not One of the Ten
    It's Wrong!



    Jesus Heals the Blind

    Jesus, the Young Man, and the Camel     New 
    Justification Expanded





    Labor to Enter His Rest
    Latter Times
    Law or Grace: Command or Provision
    Lazarus, His Sisters, and Jesus
    Lead Me in Thy Righteousness
    Lead Me, O Lord

    Lean Upon His Bosom
    Learn how ...

    Learn to Know Your Spirit   

    Leave the Ark Behind
    Leprosy Must Be Cleansed
    Let the Lord Live Through You
    Let Thy Head Lack No Ointment
    Life Not Doctrines
    Lift Up Your Spirit
    Little by Little
    Look Beyond the Sign
    Look, Walk, and Pitch a Tent
    Lord, Open My Understanding
    "Lord, What Are You Doing?"
    Love is a Channel for the Lord
    Luke's Ministry of Declaration



    Maintain the Course God Sets
    Make His Paths Straight
    Make Me A Sanctuary
    Make Yourselves Ready
    Many Births
    Many Called; Few Chosen
    Many shall come ...
    Many Will Say, "Lord, Lord"
    Mark Chapter One Thoughts
    Ministry of the Fishermen
    More About a Faithful Servant
    More Than a Visitation
    Move on in God
    Move On Into the Fulfillment
    Move Up to the Provision
    Move Up to Where it is a Reality

    Mr. Scribe, will you live in My domain?   New
    My Peace I Give to You


    Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

    New Jerusalem   New
    New Things Do I Declare

    New Wine Requires New Bottles  New  
    Noah Enters the Ark
    No Assumptions
    No Grave Clothes on Disciples
    No Man Shall See God
    No Oxen: No Wheat in God's Barn
    Not Above, But Same As     
    Notes on Acts Chapter One


    Obey and Become
    Observations on Isaiah 2:1-5  
    Oneness in Christ
    Open Up Those Boxcars
    Our Relationship with God Chooses
    Our Spiritual Journey   
    "Out of His Ways"
    Out of Time into Eternity
    Overcoming and Possessing



    Partakers of His Holiness
    Pass Over to Another Side
    Passing Through the Heavens

    Peace: What is It?   

    Pictures of Christ   
    Preparation for Ministry
    Prescribed Appointment
    Progression in God
    Psalm 3: Lord, how they are increased...
    Put on the Lord Jesus Christ



   Quality, not Quantity



    Receiving the Word from the Scriptures
    Rejoice Evermore! 
    Relating to the Word
    Remember These Scriptures
    Revelation and Leviticus: The First Verse
    Repentance: Forgiveness and Much More
    Rise Up Into It
    Rivers in the Desert



    Salvation to the Uttermost
    Sanctified in the Womb
    See What We Can See & See What We Can Find
    Seek ye first ...
    Set Apart
    Set Thyself
    Settle It Out of Court

    Some Things We Need to Know   
    Soul Realm or Spirit Realm
    Speak These Words
    Speaking From a Certain Place


    Spiritual Disciplines for Spiritual Growth
    Spiritual Progress is Vertical
    Sticks of Dynamite
    Stir Those Waters #1  
    Stir Those Waters #2
    Submit to the Lord Where He is Found
    Such is Life in the Third Day
    Surface Manna or Hidden Manna



    Take Heed to Yourselves
    Teachings from the Mountain
    The Battle of Gethsemane
    The Beast Marked 666 #1

    The Beast Marked 666 #2

    The Blood Poured From His Side
    The Chapter of the 8 Woes
    The Church in Thessalonica
    The Covenant

    The Creation of God

    The Crossover
    The Cycles of Spiritual Growth
    The Days of Lot

    The Disciples and The Multitudes

    The Eternity of God

    The Fasting of Self

    The Fathering Ministry

    The Fields Are White for Harvest

    The Firmament: The Heavenly Realm of Ministry
    The Foundation of a Walk with God

    The Fullness of Him Who Fills    

    The Glory of the Latter House

    The Golden Lampstand

    The Good and Right Way to Pray

    The Good Way
    The Greatest of These is Love

    The Hidden Glory

    The "Him" We Don't Know Yet

    The Holy Spirit and His Gifts    

    The Jeremiah Ministry 
    The Journey from king to King
    The Journey From Nothing to Everything
    The Just Shall Live by His Faith
    The King and His Kingdom

    The Kingdom: Emanations of the King

    The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

    The Land of Our Habitations

    The Last Days

    The Last Time

    The Laying on of Hands
    The Life Realm    

    The Life-Realm Is Not Just Another Link

    The Life that Glorifies the Father
    The Lord has been teaching us...

    The Lord is Coming
    The Lord is Greater Than Our Unbelief
    The Lord is Known in Judgment

    The Lord of Hosts
    The Lordship of Jesus Christ

    The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel    

    The "Man Company"  
    The Man That Cometh After the King

    The Many

    The Many and The Few

    The Mark of Discipleship
    The Mountain or The Bushel?

    The Mystery Hidden in the Scriptures

    The Mystery in Genesis 6

    The Mystery: Through the Church

    The Mystical Fifth Day

    The Mystical Fourth Day
    The Ninety-Ninth Year

    The Now Realm

    The People of Him

    The Period of Deliverance
    The Place No Fowl Knows

    The Procreation of Jesus Christ
    The Pure in Heart Shall See God
    The Rage of the Heathen

    The Realm of Grace
    The Seventy Returned    

    The Seventy Sent
    The Strait Jacket

    The Tail of Lies

    The Task at Hand

    The Time to Favor Her
    The Tower of Babel

    The Troubling Christ

    The Valley of Decision
    The Voice of the Lord

    The Voice of Words

    The Weightier Matters

    The Wings of the Great Eagle
    THE WORD: God Expressed
    THE WORD: Invisible and Inaudible
    THE WORD: Spirit and Life
    The Words of Meditation
    The Work of the Lord

    The Worm That Does Not Die
    There is Always More
    There is Lifting Up!
    There is No Finality!
    There is Something More Here
    They Couldn't Tell Me How
    Things Are Lining Up

    This Day
    This I Say Therefore...
    This or That or Some of Both
    This Prophecy of Christ
    Thoughts and Ways of God 
    Thoughts on Spiritual Gifts and the Body of Christ
    Three Passages
    To the Obtainers
    Truth Shall Spring Out of the Earth
    Through Much Tribulation...
    Two Doors
    Two Men in a Field
    Two Things Jumped Out



    Understanding Prophetic Scripture
    Unto the Church at Corinth



    Walk Worthy #1
    Walk Worthy #2
    Walk Worthy #3
    We Can Change
    We Have a Problem!
    We Look at Things Not Seen
    We Need Tribulation
    We Will Not Remain As We Are
    We Will Walk in His Way! 
    Wells of Salvation
    What About Those Old Testament Scriptures?
    What Are You Hungering For?
    What is a New Testament Church?
    What is Our Purpose?  
    What is the Truth?    
    What is Your Fiery Furnace?
    What's the Holdup?
    What We Should Know About...
    What Would You Call It?
    When the Lord Invades Your World 
    When the Tempter Comes
    When There Is No Evidence
    When Thou Art in Tribulation
    Where Are Your Eyes?
    Where is Your Heart Focused?
    Who is the Blessed Man?
    Why Does He Chasten and Scourge?
    Why is the Lord Invisible?
    Why Was it Necessary for Jesus to Die?
    Will He Find the Faith?
    Without Form and Void
    Working in Ephesians
    WORSHIP: The Lord is Among Us
    Wrestling With the Lord

    Write the Vision   



    Ye Shall be Holy

    Ye Shall Live!   

    Yes, Lord, I Believe   
    You Can't Do It, Only God Can
    You Have the Right to Become
    Your Anger Is Turned Away
    Your Spiritual Dwelling: House or Tabernacle?