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Audio Messages

A Few Questions Regarding Your Salvation

A Freewill Offering

A Key to Spiritual Growth

A Sower Went Out to Sow

After the death of Moses: Be�

Becoming the Wine of the Kingdom

Broad Way or Strait Gate?

Circumcise our hearts, Lord


Disciples & Servants

Divine Order � Another 6 Messages

Divine Order � The Savior of the Household


For the Perfecting of the Saints

For Those Who Want to Be Free

Hate your mother, father, sister, brother?

Hear It Again

His Faith � His Life

His Love � His Life

How Do We Believe?

How to Understand the Scriptures

I Corinthians 1: Coming Out of Your Corinth

I Corinthians 1: No Divisions Among You

I Corinthians 1:The Preaching of the Cross

I sought for a man �

I Will Not Be Negligent

�I would not have you ignorant, brethren��

In the Beginning ... a new heaven and a new earth

Individual or Body of Christ? � Pt. 1

Individual or Body of Christ? � Pt. 2

Instruction in the Circumstances

It Begins at Home

It�s an On-Going Process

It�s Not One Day in the Future

Jesus, the Young Man, and the Camel

Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdoms of This World?

Laodiceans Everywhere

Lazarus, His Sisters, and Jesus

Let not your heart be troubled ...

Life Abundantly


More Than History � A Christmas Story

Out of the Future and Into the Present

Read it and Read it again

Rejoice Evermore!

Seeds, Birds, and the Kingdom

Seek Ye First

Simplicity Brings Intensity

Stand Fast in the Liberty

Store It Up!

Take a Step

The Beatitudes and Beyond

The Commandment: Love out of a pure heart, Part 1

The Commandment: Love out of a pure heart, Part 2

The Lord is My Shepherd � Psalm 23

The Next Dwelling Place

The Parents� Reponsibility

The Whole Earth is Filled With His Glory

The Word: Living and Powerful

The Word: Spoken and Heard

There is So Much More

These Word Spake Jesus �

Though He slay me �

Turn It All Loose to Move Into God

Until the Job is Finished

We Need a Revelation

We�re Going Beyond

What is a True Ministry?

What is the Word, Part 1

What is the Word, Part 2

What will it take to get you to walk away? Part 1

What will it take to get you to walk away? Part 2

When Does the Kingdom of God Come?

When the Body of Christ is formed

Why am I not growing spiritually?

Write the vision � Hab. 2

Yes, Lord, I believe

You Have Not Yet Resisted Unto Blood