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From the Psalms, Book 1 & 2

What comes to your mind when you think about the Psalms? Probably you would think of worship, praises, rejoicing, and a lifting up of the Lord of glory. At the same time, though, much is said about the wickedness of man, judgment, and the Lord's wrath. This book is an exposition of the first 17 chapters of Psalms that goes beyond surface reading.

Book 1

Who is the Blessed Man?

The Rage of the Heathen

This Day

Lord, how they are increased...


Set Apart

Lead Me in Thy Righteousness

Lead Me, O Lord

The Words of Meditation

Depart! Ye Workers of Iniquity

Book 2

The Instruments of Death Are Prepared
O Lord Our Lord
I Will Praise Thee With My Whole Heart
Times of Trouble
The Lord is in His Holy Temple