THE WORD: Living and Powerful

Christians often think of the Word as information or history. But the Lord Jesus Christ is the Word, and within Him are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. The Word, then, is more than a language that speaks of God. It is an emanation of God and it is our access to live in His presence. If we are receiving only from the natural side of the Scriptures, they will speak only to us of history, future events on a natural plane, and disciplines for a religious life apart from the presence of God. When we feed upon the Spirit-Word of the Scriptures, we experience change and a present reality of the presence of the Lord.

THE WORD: God Expressed
THE WORD: Invisible and Inaudible
THE WORD: Spirit and Life
THE WORD: Living and Powerful
The Unspeakable Word
The Words of Meditation
This Same Word
What About Those Old Testament Scriptures?
Until He Opens Your Understanding
Faithful to the Word
Surface Manna or Hidden Manna
Discussing a Few Scriptures
Delight in the Word
A Mystery in Old Testament History
Hearing the Mystery of Christ
The Mystery Hidden in the Scriptures
Find Yourself in the Scriptures

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